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Race Directors

Hannah and John


We are Hannah and John, the Trailscape race directors. We created Trailscape as we loved trail running but lived in London and found it difficult to access races close by. So it was a selfish endeavour at the start, allowing us to explore gorgeous trail runs nearer to our home. We love introducing new people to trail running and encouraging people to switch to the trails instead of pounding the pavements.

What is your favourite Trailscape race?

Obviously we love them all, otherwise we wouldn't have chosen them! John has a soft spot for our East event - Cuxton, an area that he didn't know well but that he has fallen in love with. Hannah's favourite is our North event - Newport, the start of the series as it signals the start of the trail running season (and there are still 3 more to go!)


Our ambassadors are a selection of people who have a real love of trail running. Not professional athletes but everyday people who have been consumed by the trail running bug. They love running and have taken part in runs from 5k to multiday ultramarathons and everything in between. They embody everything that Trailscape is about: getting off the pavement and out onto the trails. You can meet them below and run with them at our Trailscape events!


Jen is a trail-running, trapeze-flying lover of adventure who blogs about all the above and anything in between. She accidentally discovered trail running after a 20-minute run around the block turned into a muddy adventure up the Brecon Beacons. Since then, she's been chasing scenic trails and longer distances to satisfy her inability to stay still.  

What is your favourite Trailscape race?

Really?! You really want me to try and choose a favourite Trailscape race? They all have the perfect balance of beautiful scenery, challenging hills and cake, it's not an easy decision! I guess it would be the West event in Wendover. Being the last in the series, you see familiar faces (or backs) and the race takes on an end-of-term atmosphere. It's also when you see the greatest improvement – those who were new to trail at the first race have grown in confidence, others have graduated to further distances, you find you can run uphill for longer than previously. It is, however, the saddest of all the races – the end of the series.



Becs is a crazy running fanatic whose passion for the sport has taken her on adventures across the Sahara desert and along one of England's oldest trails. While she enjoys the speed of City marathons, trails are where she likes to kick back and explore the great outdoors. When not covered from head to toe in mud, Becs enjoys buzzing around town on her trusty bicycle. After a few months of injury (Becs broke her arm while running Race To The Stones), she're ready to hit those trails and strengthen her body in time for the spring marathon season. 

What is your favourite Trailscape race? 

Now I am slightly biased but it has to be the one in Cuxton simply because I grew up around there (I'm originally from Chatham) and I never knew such countryside existed until I entered and ran the Trailscape East there last year. From running up and down chalky paths to past the green in Meopham near the pub that we held a 60th birthday party for my mum, that trail marathon changed my perception of Kent. I also ran the second half of the race with a lovely lady called Emma and it was so much fun. I'm really looking forward to this year's events.


Lenka is an ex-basketball player turned ultra runner, happily 'married' to trail running (although there is no ring to prove it, yet). Her first marathon was an ultra and since then she's never looked back. Since finishing her last mountain ultra race, she's been preparing to run the inaugural Genghis Khan Ice Marathon in Mongolia. She has a strong passion for all things digital and sport related; when she's not running she can be found blogging about it at RUN[ISTA]

What is your favourite Trailscape race?

I'm very happy and lucky to be a Trailscape ambassador as these are the type of races I absolutely love. It's very hard to pick 'the one' as I really enjoyed them all. Every event had it all; a friendly atmosphere, great route and perfect organisation! For me, it's not so much about actual 'racing' but rather about being outside in the nature, enjoying the trails!

So, come and enjoy the trails with us!