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Entry information

10k: £29.50
Half: £35.00*
Marathon: £40.00*

* Flexible: Training not going as well as planned? Niggling injury which will limit your ability to run the full distance? Never fear; you can downgrade your distance category at any time. You can also transfer your race entry to another race in the series 30 days or more before the event date. 

Entry is limited to those aged 18 and above.
There is no facility for entry on race day so please make sure you sign up well in advance!

All distances are approximate and may vary significantly from those advertised. Routes are also subject to change. You are likely to run a fair bit further than the quoted distance. For example, a 10k route can actually be as far as 13k.

PLEASE NOTE: The marathon distance is 2 laps of the half marathon loop.

At Trailscape, we operate a paperless system. All race numbers and chip timing will be issued on event day, at registration. Further updates prior to the event will be via email or placed on our website or Facebook page. Please ensure you check back frequently closer to race day so you are aware of any changes.

Signing up for the Series?

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Whats included?

* Personalised results will be published on the Trailscape website as soon as possible after the event.
** Alternative items may be offered.

What do you need?

We operate a mandatory kit policy for the half marathon and marathon distances but this is also highly recommended kit for the 10k. The mandatory kit list is detailed below and is to ensure your own safety and to make sure that you have a minimum amount of food, water & equipment should anything untoward happen. We do complete spot checks & if you are found to be lacking mandatory kit you may be prevented from starting until this kit is in place.

What facilities are provided?

The facilities on offer at each race venue may vary slightly but as a minimum you can expect to find as follows:

What are the safety rules?

A number of rules are in place to keep the events safe and to help maximise enjoyment:

Race provisions

All races will have checkpoints at regular intervals. At these checkpoints we will provide some food and water for you to use to refuel, as well as carrying out safety checks including chip/head count records to ensure all runners are accounted for. If you are injured or need to retire from the race, the checkpoints are your goal. Get yourself to the checkpoint and help will be at hand. You must inform the checkpoint that you are retiring and relinquish your race number. You will then not be allowed to continue. All runners must be accounted for and if you withdraw without informing the marshals or race director, potentially unnecessary search and rescue procedures will be put into action.


Cut off times

Cut off times may be applied to the Marathon distance to ensure all runners get round in a safe manner, without running on into the night. The exact cut off times will be advised to you at the briefing on race day.



There are various points on the course that your supporters may wish to cheer as you pass. All this support and encouragement is great. However, please remember the other users of the trails. These are all public rights of way, often crossing private land. So please be mindful of where they wait so as not to inconvenience other users or runners. Supporters are more than welcome to wait and watch the runners cross the finish line and it would be great if they provide loud support for all runners (but obviously, extra loud for you!). Don't forget that if you have friends or family who really want to provide support, we would love them to help on race day. Please see our 'Volunteer' section and drop us a line to find out what is involved.


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