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Why should I sign up with Trailscape?
We are runners who are totally hooked on the trails. We have run in many events over the years and are confident that we know the key to ensuring our runners get the most out of the day while enjoying every minute of it. We are friendly and inclusive and aim to cater for all types of runners. We take under our wing those new to trail running and motivate and inspire the more experienced.  Our runs are lively, social and full of friendly race banter whilst giving you the best of what the British countryside has to offer.

Ultimately, we are country bumpkins living in the city and so the rail-to-trail series was born out of our desire to escape the city for the bright lights of the trail. We are the first to offer a trail running series within a stone’s throw of the city, making trail running easy, inexpensive and on your doorstep!

What is trail running?
Trail running is running along unpaved trails, tracks and paths through the countryside. There may be road crossings or short sections along roads but the vast majority will be off road, along public rights of way (footpaths and bridleways)

What time can I expect to run my race in?
We focus less on the time you run your race in and more on the experience you have. Having said that, we understand that people are still keen to know their race time so our events will all have chip timing systems in place. It is very difficult to predict your time for running a trail race and it is likely to vary greatly between races. This is due to a variety of factors but you should expect it to take a fair bit longer than you are used to running road races in. Trail runs are over much more variable terrain, generally with a lot more and a lot steeper climbs and descents involved. They also tend to be through areas of natural beauty so you should be prepared to spend some time enjoying the views! Anyway, the longer you’re out running, the more fun you’re having, right?!

It's also important to note that the distance that you will actually be running may vary greatly from the advertised distance. We work in trail miles which means that a 10k can often be as far as 13k. As the routes are planned as a circular route, utilising the public rights of way, it is very difficult to accurately create a route of a specific distance. What this means is that you will tend to get more miles for your money but you should train accordingly!  

Are all the routes 1 loop?

The marathon route is 2 laps of the half-marathon loop but don't worry you will not pass through HQ! This enables runnners to familiarise themselves with the route and enables those that are aiming for a event PB to set great split times. The 10k and half marathon route are both 1 loop.

What kit do I need?
Part of the enjoyment of trail running is to get away from the concrete jungle and out into the countryside to enjoy what it has to offer. Runners need to be prepared for the worst of what the Great British weather can throw at them and as such, each event does have a list of required kit to bring. We need to ensure all our runners remain as safe as possible whilst taking part in a Trailscape event. Although in reality, you will never be very far from civilisation, the routes do go through rural areas and parts that are more difficult to access. In the unlikely event of someone getting lost or injured we need to have every confidence that you have the right kit with you.

Is this for me?
In a word, YES! Trail running is a great way to keep fit and enjoy the great outdoors. We offer three different distances of run at each location so there should be something to suit everyone. We aim to introduce people to the delights of trail running and so welcome beginners to trail running.

Can I run with my dog?

Dogs are welcome and a limited number of places are available for Canicross runners. You must inform the race director of your desire to run with your dog when you sign up to ensure Canicross places are still available. Canicross runners will start the race after all the other runners to avoid congestion and an increased risk of tripping etc. Dogs must be run in a harness attached to the runner  at all times via a shock absorbing lead and all dogs/canicross runners must abide by the Canicross rules and should have liability insurance. Dogs who are nervous around humans or other dogs should not take part in an event. Due to small entry numbers all Canicross runners are classed as non-competitive and not included in the main prizes. Further information can be found in the disclaimer, here.

Is it dangerous?
The terrain is uneven and weather unpredictable so there are inherent risks with trail running. However, every effort is made to ensure the race is as safe as possible. These risks remain when road running but with trail running, there is very little interaction with road traffic so all in all, as long as you are sensible and prepared, the risks are minimised.  




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