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The Trailscape Shop

Getting excited about your trail running adventure? Get kitted out here!


Here you will find a selection of must-have Trailscape goodies and a few bits of equipment to help keep your running safe (which are also part of the mandatory kit list). Place your order now and you can pick up your purchases on race day.


Trailscape hoodie
Limited edition Trailscape hoodie! Get your hands on one of these beauties and spread your love of the trails!
Price: £35.00
wild running book
Wild Running Book
If you've been bitten by the trail running bug and are looking for inspiration and guidance to continue your running adventures, this will quickly become your go-to book
Price: £17.00
Kit Bag
Want to make sure that you're allowed in the car/train for the journey home? This cheeky bag will ensure that's the case!
Price: £15.00
Tech T-Shirt
The terrific Trailscape tech T-shirts are available here!
Price: £20.00
Foil Blanket
Foil Blanket
Mandatory kit equipment: Adult size foil blanket
Price: £2.50
Emergency Whistle
Emergency Whistle
Mandatory kit requirement: Emergency Whistle
Price: £3.50